Workshops and CoCr8

With a foundation in GE's change acceleration process and Six Sigma, I've developed a facilitation approach that combines collaboration, innovation, and strategic thinking. Building on this expertise, I furthered my skills through research, education, and client advisory councils.

I embraced design thinking and human-centered design, leveraging empathy-based models to enhance my facilitation abilities. This enables me to guide workshops and collaboration sessions on creativity, inclusivity, and results.

I utilize various methodologies, such as rapid prototyping, stakeholder analysis, and the business model canvas, to drive effective problem-solving and strategic planning. Additionally, I pioneered CoCr8 Labs—a peer-to-peer approach that fosters innovation within ecosystems.

My facilitation style is rooted in empathy, collaboration, and tangible outcomes. By creating an inclusive environment, I empower teams to reach their full potential and achieve transformative results.

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Marketing Research

I embarked on my market research journey at GE as a Black Belt of Six Sigma, laying a strong foundation for my expertise. Through further education and coursework with MRIA, I honed my skills and expanded my knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research. The principles of diversity-first and ecosystem-centric thinking became integral to my approach, amplified by my immersion in design thinking and the successful completion of my Masters in Leadership in Service Innovation. By harnessing tools such as social listening and other data acquisition methods, I uncover patterns and provide actionable insights that empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions. My passion lies in helping others navigate the complexities of the market landscape and drive growth through valuable market research.

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Content Enablement

With a strong background in content enablement, I began my journey at GE Lighting, revolutionizing advertising by featuring employees, consumers, and stakeholders in ads. Fueled by my Six Sigma background, I prioritized customer experience and developed diverse content formats like POP, Planogram assets, digital, and social media. This led to international recognition and awards.

Expanding on this success, I integrated grassroots initiatives amplifying influencer voices in 2003. These experiences shaped my ability to refine and adapt content formats, creating cohesive and impactful experiences. At CSA Group, I gained global exposure, delivering experiential formats and a consistent brand experience on a global scale.

Now, armed with a degree in Leadership in Service Innovation, I leverage my expertise to elevate organizations through engaging content that enhances the customer experience. My focus is on creating exciting moments for employees, clients, and stakeholders, driving business success and growth.

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I began my keynote speaking journey at GE, where I shared insights on how Six Sigma drives innovation. As my career evolved, I spoke to diverse industries like Plumbing, HVAC, Construction, Universities/Colleges and more, discussing topics such as marketing, digital technology, branding, and innovation. At Trend Hunter, I refined my skills through their Futurist program, focusing on marketing and the future of consumer experiences. Looking ahead, I'm excited to explore leadership and service design topics to inspire organizations. With a rich keynote experience, I aim to share knowledge, inspire innovation, and drive growth.

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